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“In my pictorial work, I try to convey a certain point of view on what surrounds us, on how I perceive human beings because my paintings are often faces and bodies. I try to convey my feelings about others through body envelopes.

I always work on the human being, on the body, on the soul, on the sensations. I work little with objects, little or no with landscapes. My characters are mediums, and through them, I often try to convey sensations, for example, coldness or lightness. My works are often dark, with violence, torn beings, heartbreaking. It is sometimes the expression of feelings that I feel and that I make appear through these characters. These characters are ultimately only pretexts... I try to produce a sensation, based on what the character exudes and to awaken something in the viewer.


For many years, I have painted physical differences and deformities by questioning the aesthetic norms of our current Western societies. Today, my work questions Man in his paradoxes.

When I paint the Woman, she is dreamlike, tenebrous and tormented and her body becomes the envelope that shelters our most primitive fears and fantasies. My goal is not to seek aesthetics but to question the emotion that sleeps in the other. My naked women, with a paradoxical aestheticism since I represent them both attractive and repulsive, come to question Man about the sensuality of our bodies and the form it can take for each of us.


In my painting, we find an excessive physical shaping to reveal a new aestheticism, a new approach to the pictorial representation of the body.”

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